What Are The Most Popular Garage Door Colors?

Popular Garage Door Colors

At first glance, choosing a garage door color might not seem like a big decision. But with the wide variety of colors available to you in the modern era of manufacturing, you can quickly become spoilt for choice. This choice will not only tie the entire look of your home together, but can also add […]

The Latest In Garage Door Gadgets

Garage Door Gadgets

Since their conception in the 1920’s, garage doors have come a long way. On top of the multiple styles and materials – such as single wide, double wide, carriage house, contemporary…wood, aluminum, steel – garage doors have also found new ways of operating. Before, garage doors had to be open and shut by hand. Then […]

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Despite garages being one of the most used spaces in homes, they are also commonly the most cluttered. A detailed spring cleaning can help to declutter what has become a dumping ground for junk that limits your ability to both park, store, and work inside your garage. We’ve put together a Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist […]

The Most Popular Types of Garage Doors

Popular Types of Garage Doors

It should come as no surprise that your garage door is one of the first things people will notice when driving past your home. Your front-facing garage will become the prominent facade feature of your house; making or breaking curb appeal, property value, and personal satisfaction. So in a world full of options, how do […]

Role of Garage Door in Garage Design

If you have a housing plan and you want to create a design for all of the rooms in the house, you should not neglect the garage. Garage is an important room not only for storage but also for the beautification and the security of the house. When designing it, you have to incorporate the […]