Holiday Decorations for Garage Doors

15 Dec. 21

Tips For Garage Door Holiday Decorations

The Holidays are here! And nothing is more exciting at this time of year than decorating your home. And as one of the most prominent features of your home’s facade, there’s no reason your garage door can’t spread some of the Holiday Cheer too! Here are some creative tips for decorating your garage door this Christmas.

Wrap Your Garage as a Present

For those of us who do not open and close our garage door on a daily basis, this is an excellent idea! Wrap your garage door with two giant waterproof outdoor ribbons, one positioned horizontally and one positioned vertically. Cross them in the middle, and place a bow in the center. Your garage door will take on the appearance of a giant gift, wrapped up for the season. If you do need to open your garage door, remove the bow beforehand to prevent it from getting stuck in the system.

Hang a Giant Wreath

Buy or create a massive wreath using a circle of wire and artificial green garland. Spend some time adding decorative ornaments like red bulbs, faux pinecones, or whatever expresses your seasonal style. You can hang the wreath in the center of the garage door with wire. But bear in mind, this is also not the best decoration if you will need to open and shut the garage door.

Garage Door Illusion

Garage door murals are available online and can usually be found in home improvement stores. These murals are designed to be hung on the outside of the door and create the illusion that something impossible is happening inside the garage. At the holidays, murals are available that can make your garage look like Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland. These decorations are easy to install, weatherproof, and most companies advertise that you can continue to use the garage door even when one is attached.

Twinkling Holiday Lights

Tried and true! Twinkling string lights around the opening of your garage door are an excellent decoration for the Holidays.. To add a little something extra to the lights, attach garland or exterior grade ribbon to the garage door opening as well. Not only does this string your garage door’s aesthetic with the rest of your home, but it also doesn’t interfere with the operation of your garage door.

Now your garage door is all dressed up for the Holiday season! As we head into the new year, you may be considering some upgrades for your garage door. Contact us today to find out more about your garage door options at