04 Jun. 12

Tips in Measuring your Garage Door

Some people who have not owned a house with garage doors before may not have the right knowledge regarding these fixtures. One of the things that all homeowners with garages must know is getting the correct measurement of their residential garage doors.
Reasons Why You Need to Measure Properly
There are reasons why people should know how to do this job properly.

  1. Measuring the garage door will be important when you want to change your door to a new one.
  2. Another reason why this is important is because knowing the measurement of the door will also give you the clearance level of your garage. With this information in mind, you will also know what types of vehicles will fit into the door to be stored inside the garage.

As homeowners, you need not to worry since measuring their garage doors does not take a lot of time and effort. All you need to have is a reliable tape measure, a pen and a paper for writing and a stepladder. Once the materials are ready, you may now begin measuring your garage door.

  • When measuring the garage door, the secret here is not to measure the current door that you have but you need to measure the size of the opening instead. You need to base your measurements on the opening and not on the door so that your new door will be perfectly fitted to the frame. Since the opening will be measured, homeowners can use their garage door openers to open the fixture fully.
  • Grab your tape measure and get the width of the door opening from side to side near the bottom of the door. You might want to ask for a friend’s help with this. Record the numbers in your paper.
  • After the width of the bottom, bring the tape measure up near the top of the opening. Measure the width and take note of it. The width of the bottom and top of the opening must be the same. If not, you should have this corrected because the door frame may be slanted.
  • With a stepladder, measure the top to bottom length of the opening.
  • Do not fail to get the measurement from the ceiling to the top opening. Same as the closet in the sides to the left and right door frames. This will give the homeowners an idea of how much extra space they have in their garage.