Entry Doors Toronto

01 Aug. 12

Tips when Designing an Entrance Door

Although there are many interior designers that can help you in properly positioning the components of your doors in relevance to the house structure, you can definitely save money by designing your own entrance façade.
You do not have to be an expert to be able to do this. You just have to be keen on the design and the functionality of your exterior doors. The entrance door does not only include the door itself, the components around it including the panels, the frames and the lighting are also counted in when designing this part of the home.
Here are some tips to elevate your home design and curb appeal through your door:

  • The placement of the door must be properly planned. This does not only allow function to be the priority but also the overall exterior look of the house. It is always better to have the door at the center part of the house. If you have a small welcoming area, then the entrance door should lead the visitor there. Add the door to the part where the hallway leads.
  • To elevate the door design, you may add windows on both sides of the door or glass panels that are of the same height as the door itself. If you have space, a double door will always look great in houses. The windows will add illumination to the interior part of the door hallway and they also add elegance to the house exterior.
  • Beams and panels may also be added to frame the door to the middle. This will be perfect when you wish to create balance in the exterior design of the entry doors. If you are planning to add panels and beams, you must make this decision prior to the construction phase because these structures require a little more architecture and engineering compared to other design ideas.
  • You may also add a peephole to add security to the home. A doorbell may be added for convenience as well. Some homeowners purchase motion and light detectors which are activated at night so that they can be alarmed if there are people outside the house.
  • Do not forget to choose a door design that will fit the theme of the home exterior.