What To Do If Garage Door Opener Is Stolen

28 Aug. 21

Stolen Garage Door Opener? Here’s What To Do.

Have you misplaced your garage door opener? Don’t assume this is no big deal – a misplaced or potentially stolen garage door remote can pose a huge security risk to your garage and home! What should you do in the event your garage door remote goes missing? We’ve put together a step by step guide to ensure your garage — and home — remain safe and sound!

1. Disable The Remote

Your first step should be disabling the garage door opener ; you can usually void all remotes currently connected to your house by pressing a button on the motor housing. Until you are able to purchase and program a new remote (see step 3) you will need to open the garage door manually.

2. Reprogram The Garage Door Unit

Step 2 requires consulting the manual that came with your garage door so you can properly reprogram t     he garage door system.

3. Purchase And Program A New Remote

Visit your local retailer or search online for a remote that is compatible with your current garage door system .Once you have purchased a new remote, you will need to follow the user instructions for programming the new device. Once the remote has been successfully paired with your unit, you can begin enjoying the ease of a garage door opener once again!

4. Future Prevention Tips

Opening garage doors manually can be a pain. To prevent this experience in the future, follow these tips! Always make sure to leave the deadbolt on your home access door locked, even if you are home. You should also try to keep your garage door opener on you at all times, as opposed to clipping it inside your car. If your car is broken into, thieves can easily access your registration and locate your home. You may also want to look into openers that work with new technology which allows you to control your garage door from your phone!

Do you need help reprogramming your automatic garage door opener remote or any other issues you may need assistance with? Adam’s Door Systems is here for you. Contact us at info@adamsdoorsystems.com!