Aligning Garage Door Sensors

Sensors are very important parts of the garage door system because they assure the homeowners that the fixture will not close on anyone. The sensors make use of infrared lights to detect the presence of any item or person directly underneath the path of the residential garage doors. If the sensors find or detect the […]

Things You Need to Know About Wooden Doors

Wooden Entry Doors

A lot of homeowners are looking into replacing their exterior doors; maybe because they are planning to sell their homes or their old doors are already too damaged to serve their purpose. Although there are plenty of modern materials used in doors today such as steel and fiber glass, wooden doors are still quite popular […]

Tips in Measuring your Garage Door

Some people who have not owned a house with garage doors before may not have the right knowledge regarding these fixtures. One of the things that all homeowners with garages must know is getting the correct measurement of their residential garage doors. Reasons Why You Need to Measure Properly There are reasons why people should […]