Debating between Single Panel Garage Doors and Sectional Garage Doors

Every year, there are thousands of homeowners who decide to replace their old garage doors and buy a new one for their houses. With just a huge number of choices available for customers today, it gets difficult for many people to choose which garage entry doors they would purchase. Basically, there are three choices when […]

Decorating Tips for Entrance Doors

Home decorators will always tell the homeowners that the entrance door is one of the most important parts of the house. This is because it is the focal point of the home’s exterior and it is also the place where you welcome guests. Entrance doors today could not only be the typical front doors but […]

Door Knockers: Coming Back with Style

One of the main areas of the house that people should pay attention to is the front of the home. The façade, the lawn and the front structures are what the neighbors will be looking at when they pass by your place. A functional piece that is usually installed on the entry doors of old […]

Corner Sealing for Exterior Doors

seal entry door

The main function of the door is to create a partition and opening between the interior of the house and the exterior. Security is its secondary function as it keeps the people inside safe from intruders. Door as Heat Regulator The door also has a very important function in terms of regulating the heat inside […]