Creative Ideas To Upgrade Your Garage Door And Boost Curb Appeal

Upgrade Your Garage Door

What if we told you there was an easy and affordable way to enhance your home’s facade and boost it’s resale value? Good news – there is! A new garage door is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal and see a return on investment. Take inspiration from some of these creative ideas […]

What Are The Most Popular Garage Door Colors?

Popular Garage Door Colors

At first glance, choosing a garage door color might not seem like a big decision. But with the wide variety of colors available to you in the modern era of manufacturing, you can quickly become spoilt for choice. This choice will not only tie the entire look of your home together, but can also add […]

Garage Maintenance Tips For Summer

Summer Garage Maintenance Tips

The warm and sunny season of Summer has come again! Meaning it’s time to get outside and take care of those exterior maintenance projects. One project not to be missed from that list is taking care of your home’s garage door. Routine maintenance is not only essential for ensuring the door continues to function properly […]

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

Despite garages being one of the most used spaces in homes, they are also commonly the most cluttered. A detailed spring cleaning can help to declutter what has become a dumping ground for junk that limits your ability to both park, store, and work inside your garage. We’ve put together a Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist […]

Tips For Garage Door Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations for Garage Doors

The Holidays are here! And nothing is more exciting at this time of year than decorating your home. And as one of the most prominent features of your home’s facade, there’s no reason your garage door can’t spread some of the Holiday Cheer too! Here are some creative tips for decorating your garage door this […]

How to Weatherproof a Garage Door

How To Weatherproof A Garage Door

Winter is fast approaching. And with cooler temperatures already in full swing, ensuring your garage door has a tight seal is more important than ever! A weatherproof garage door keeps the cold out, and utility bills low. There are several options when it comes to effectively preventing warm air from escaping, and utility bills from […]

Can Garage Door Springs Be Replaced?

Can Garage Door Springs Be Replaced

Springs are an essential part of the garage door operating system. When springs fail, not only does it mean your garage door will be unusable, but they also pose a huge safety risk. If you have noticed a popping sound when your garage door is opening, this may indicate your springs need replacing. Luckily, these […]

How To Troubleshoot Garage Door Noise

Troubleshoot Garage Door Noise

Nothing will test your patience quite like a loud, noisy garage door. But more than the irritation, unusual rattling, squeaks, pops, and other noises can be indicative of an underlying issue. Luckily, we’ve put together a few troubleshooting ideas you can do at home that will help you get to the bottom of that “talkative” […]

How to Weather Seal a Garage Door

How To Weather Seal A Garage Door

Why should you seal your garage door? On top of assisting with energy efficiency, gaps between your garage door and it’s surroundings can allow water, dust, and even pests into your home. This can cause damage to stored items, water build-up, and more. Luckily, sealing your garage door is a pretty simple process that involves […]

How to Replace Garage Door Springs

How To Replace Garage Door Springs

You probably haven’t thought much about your garage door springs…until one breaks. You can call a professional, or try to replace the garage door yourself. Just know that this DIY project comes with hazards, especially if you are not that experienced with tasks like this. To help you tackle this problem, our team has compiled […]