11 reasons to invest in a new garage door system


Garage doors are more than just an entry point for your vehicle; they can also be a significant aspect of your home’s curb appeal and security. Investing in a new garage door system can provide numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, and increased home value. Explore why investing in a new garage door system […]

Going Green with your Residential Garage Door

When people start talking about going green and being more aware of the environment, the last thing that would come into their minds is the importance and the effects of replacing residential garage doors and other doors in the house. The doors play a very important role in keeping the home environment friendly because properly […]

IIDEX Canada 2013

For the past few years, IIDEX/NeoCon Canada has been one of the primary conferences for design and architecture in the country. This year, the company that has been managing the conference has been bought by Informa but participants, exhibitors, and visitors of this trade show need not worry since the normal business operations of IIDEX […]

Style Varieties for your Garage Doors

It is an undeniable fact that residential garage doors are very important parts of the house not only for security and privacy purposes but also in terms of increasing the curb appeal of your property. Having a high curb appeal is important especially if you are planning to sell your house in the future. It […]

Decorating your Garage Door for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it will be the time of the year again when you would have to bring out all your decorations to make your house look as festive as possible. Many people spend a lot of time in decorating their home exterior because it is the part that other […]

Great New Looks for the Modern Garage Door

When it comes to entry doors, new models offer great materials, security and energy-saving features. A homeowner was once asked on why he wanted to replace his old door with a new one and he said that the main reason that he was attracted to the modern doors is not only the functionalities but also […]

Why Hire Professionals to Install your Doors?

There are numerous projects at home that you can accomplish by yourself. You can paint the walls in the house by your own or change the light bulbs in different light fixtures. But when it comes to heavier and more complicated projects like garage door maintenance, new garage door installation or replacement of doors, many […]