The Latest In Garage Door Gadgets

Garage Door Gadgets

Since their conception in the 1920’s, garage doors have come a long way. On top of the multiple styles and materials – such as single wide, double wide, carriage house, contemporary…wood, aluminum, steel – garage doors have also found new ways of operating. Before, garage doors had to be open and shut by hand. Then […]

Debating between Single Panel Garage Doors and Sectional Garage Doors

Every year, there are thousands of homeowners who decide to replace their old garage doors and buy a new one for their houses. With just a huge number of choices available for customers today, it gets difficult for many people to choose which garage entry doors they would purchase. Basically, there are three choices when […]

Great Benefits of Garage Door Screens

More houses all over the country now have garage door screens installed in their garages. These screens span the entire length and width of the garage opening and they are similar in size to the residential garage doors as well. When these screens are installed, they will not replace the function of the actual garage […]

Decorating Tips for Entrance Doors

Home decorators will always tell the homeowners that the entrance door is one of the most important parts of the house. This is because it is the focal point of the home’s exterior and it is also the place where you welcome guests. Entrance doors today could not only be the typical front doors but […]

Tips on Increasing the Garage Door Opener Reception

The garage door opener is probably one of the more important devices that you will purchase for your home. Door openers are responsible for the automatic opening and closing of your garage doors. And since garage doors are extremely heavy, they make the job very easy for humans. Most garage openers today are controlled through […]

Prolonging a Wooden Entry Door’s Life

Although there are new types of materials for entry doors available in the market today such as fiber glass and steel, wooden doors are still as popular as ever. If you take a look at the prices of these door types, you will notice that wooden doors are among the most expensive ones. For this […]

Toronto Fall Home Show 2013

The Toronto Fall Home Show held a very successful event last September 20 to 23, 2012. For those who were not able to attend this gathering, you can start counting the days to the 2013 Toronto Fall Home Show which is scheduled to be held on October 3 to 6, 2013 at the Exhibition Place […]

Quick Fixes for Cracks in a Fiber Glass Door

There are different types of materials used in the construction of a garage door. Although wood and metal have always been used, modern day manufacturers are recommending the use of fiber glass in entry doors for the house. The main advantage of fiberglass is its lightweight feature yet strong endurance against extreme pressures. Although these […]

Maintenance for your Garage Door Opener

It is a fact that maintaining exterior doors such as those in the garage and their mechanisms is very important. It is not only the actual garage doors that should be taken good care of, other parts, especially the door opener, have to be maintained as well. This mechanism plays an essential role in the […]

Renovations that will add Home Value

Houses are considered as investments. Many people today are making sure that their homes and properties are maintained so that when they decide to sell the house and move to another community, they will be able to get a good value out of the property. When doing renovations around the house, homeowners must think of […]